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Mouse like tiny keyboard / Жестурь - симуляция клавишных нажатий
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Mouse like tiny keyboard

What is it?

If to Your system connected more, than one Mouse, all of its just will to duplicate of each other with no more features. Gestureo is a simply utility with support up to 9 Mouses. Each of Mouses haves own properties in table. So, the moving speed of graphical pointer, allow/suppress the standard actions of any buttons, unical avatar as pointer.

Utility modes

After start the programm You have tiny icon in the tray with current mode indications. With left-click You can to hide/show the window. And right-click will calling the tiny menu with one of four modes select. The Default-mode is the standard. The Extended mode, Freezing mode and Gaming mode You can select by hot-keys Alt+Ctrl+D|E|F|G.

Patterns table

In the patterns table is presents all rules for keyboard virtual key pressing when the condition are right. In the 32 rows of table You can assing up to 32 variant keys with self rules at each of rows. In the first column You can to press any key. Next of 13 columns is identified an different of events:

  • The L/M/R columns assigning the Right/Middle/Right buttons of Mouse
  • The S/N/E/W columns assigning the South/North/East/West moving of Mouse
  • The H/X and V/Y columns assigning the horizontal and vertical wheel of Mouse
  • The B/F columns assigning the extended side-buttons at Mouse

The next of three columns Extend/Freeze/Gaming is defined all legal modes for this event. Last of nine columns is checked all of Mouses, that will listened for this event.

Separate properties of each Mouse

Each Mouse have it-self bookmark with properties. At left You can see active status of this Mouse. Any actions with the moving, buttons pressing or wheeling will to blink different buttons at status group. The first letter of status buttons is binded to different column of pattern. You can to right-click selecting of table row in pattern, and the click to necesary status buttons in the Mouse bookmark to check/uncheck the event flags. In the middle You can see four bookmarks with modes. This settings defining the event allow/suppress by left- or right-click over the flag-buttons.

  • The Left/Middle/Right-flags is allowing the Mouse buttons in selected mode
  • The Side-buttons and Wheels is allowing this actions in selected mode
  • The Moving-flag is allowing the Mouse moving in selected mode
  • The spinners is defining the Mouse moving speed and action sensetivity in selected mode
  • The Collision and Show of pointer - is flags for defining pointer moving in selected mode
  • The hot keys is defining the keyboard shortcuts for each of modes

Animated icons and "emotions"

In the /cursors/ directory You can placed different of .cur/.ani files with images for cursors. Programm support up to 256x256 pixels of image. Each of cursor-file can containing up-to 1024 frames of animations. The animation frames can be separated by empty frames for the "emotions" defining. Each of file can to containing up-to 64 "emotions". Right-clicking by window You can call the cursor images menu for each of mouse.


Utility in work demonstration

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