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an Addition to your settings.json to apply an Accent colour of your Choice to VS Code
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Visual Studio Code Accent

This is intended to be added to the settings.json file on Visual Studio Code. This will give a sort of Accent colour to Visual Studio which is of whatever colour you wish it to be.


The default Colour is set to #ff0080, a pink colour to show which areas are changed. However this can be changed easily with a quick replace.

default colour


  1. Open up Visual Studio Code.

  2. Open the Command panel by using CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + P

  3. Search for Open Settings JSON

  4. Copy all of the content from the settings.jsonc file in this GitHub repsoitory and paste it into the settings.json in Visual Studio Code.

    Note it should have the brackets at the start and end still.

        "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
  5. Save the file

You should see some things update, Most notably the Bottom bar.

Change the colour.

As mentioned the default colour is set to #ff0080, which is only used to be a bright colour to show off where things are. to change this colour (skip to step 3 if you already have settings.json open):

  1. Open the Command panel by using CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + P
  2. Search for Open Settings JSON
  3. Open the Search by using CTRL/CMD + F
  4. Click the Arrow on the left side to show 2 Textboxes.
  5. In the top box pick the current colour that is used. Default is ff0080
  6. In the bottom box pick the new colour you would like. I.E. a nice Dark blue 0d47a1 (You require a 6 character hex code for replacing)
  7. Select the Replace all Button or use the Keybind of CTRL/CMD + ALT + Enter
  8. Save the settings.json file.

You should see some things update, Most notably the Bottom bar.

Choice of Colour

Currently this has been developed for Dark Theme with a Darker colour, meaning that using some Light Colours / Light theme may have some issues such as text being hard to read due to the contrast. I plan to make updated/additional sections for fixing these issues.

Additionally each person has different preference towards how they would like the application to look, and is why I have commented the sections breifly to allow for easier access and change of items that people might want to adjust the colours themselves. Some Darker colours require a higher opacity on Highlighting to be visible compared to brighter colours.

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