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A Discord bot for managing large communities
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Rowboat is a private Discord bot focused on being a highly powerful and configurable moderation and utilitarian bot for Discord. Rowboat is built to feel and behave similarly to AutoModerator for reddit.

Should I Run Rowboat Locally?

Probably not. Rowboat has enough moving pieces that running a local version is complicated. The main purpose of having the source released is to allow others to understand and audit the functionality. The code is by no means meant to be easy to setup or bootstrap, and I don't plan on supporting folks trying to run locally. That said, feel free to run a local version of Rowboat for your server (but not a public version please).

Self-hosting Agreement

  • You may not use the Rowboat logo or name within derivative bots.
  • You may not host a public version of Rowboat.
  • You may not charge for the usage of your instance of Rowboat.
  • You may not provide support for Rowboat.


Rowboat development is focused on the requirements of servers looking to move onto Rowboat as their core moderation bot. Generally a good overview of the planned or in-development tasks is the Trello Board, although its by no means a purely-true source.

Can I Contribute?

Maybe. Feel free to submit PRs, but unless they are explicitly bug fixes that have good documentation and clean code, I likely won't merge. Features will not be accepted through PR unless stated elsewhere. Do not submit feedback on this repository, the server is the right place for that. PRs focused around the frontend and web panel are more likely to be accepted.

How Do I Contribute?

To get a local version of rowboat running, you will need docker-compose setup locally. Once installed, you can simply run docker-compose up and in theory all your dependencies should be setup. You may have to rerun the command after your first setup because of the way Postgres tables are created. To give yourself global administrator, run docker-compose exec web ./ add-global-admin USER_ID_HERE. Finally, you must make sure to copy the example configuration and properly replace the values within.

Can You Add Rowboat To My Server?

Maybe. If you are interested in having Rowboat on your server, please join ( the server and provide an invite and some general information. Rowboat is only added to larger (1-2k+ average CCU) servers that have more complex moderation requirements.

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