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A plugin for django-cms that provides just a markdown plugin and nothing more.
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Simple Markdown plugin is just a simple markdown plugin for django-cms. It's brutally simple. Just a text area and you'll entered some markdown text and save it. And the reason why I make this is that, I really couldn't find any simple as stupid plugin for django-cms, all I've found was fancy with a lot of java script stuff.


  • django-cms
  • django-markdown



cmsplugin-simple-markdown is available on PyPi:

$ pip install cmsplugin-simple-markdown


You can get latest stable changes from github server:

$ git clone
$ cd cmsplugin-simple-markdown
$ python install

Zip, Tarball

You can grab the latest tarball.


Get the latest tarball & install

$ wget
$ tar xvzf cmsplugin-simple-markdown-master.tar.gz && cd cmsplugin-simple-markdown-master
$ python install


Download latest zip archive.

Extract the archive, and run the following command in root directory of cmsplugin-simple-markdown

$ python install


Most people says that installation of cmsplugin-simple-markdown is easy, Seems they're out of space. It's fucking hard to install.

Configuration & Usage

  1. Add cmsplugin_simple_markdown to INSTALLED_APPS.

  2. If you are using Django 1.7 add 'cmsplugin_simple_markdown': 'cmsplugin_simple_markdown.migrations_django', to MIGRATION_MODULES in settings.

  3. Create the database tables:

    $ python migrate

This is not easy, It's hard, confusing. I doubt, double doubt that those people that keep saying installing this is easy are on something.

Drama story

Since every application won't begins with love, this plugin developed to solve a problem. 2 days back, I've been using cms.plugin.text for handling html pages and related content, but when I've tried to use aws s3/cloudfront for my static files, I've stuck with CORS problem. So I've develop cmsplugin-simple-markdown to be used without any deps on js/css files.

Now these days, people all around the world are using it, They are happy with it, They go crazy with cmsplugin-simple-markdown, Even they name their child cmsplugin-simple-markdown, At least I did. ;)

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