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Myss Version 3.2.1-beta


A Simple Program Which Allows You To Take Screenshot Every 1 Minute.



Hello Everyone

We've Seen Some Guys Running Their Game on Mac or Linux And Have Problem Using Moss Or Fraps

So We Made This Little Script For Them

By This You Can Have Screenshot Every 1 Minute And There's No Need Of Moss Or Fraps Anymore,And Pictures Format Is .jpg (In Your Face Fraps 😄 )


Setp 1: Extract Somewhere,You Can Use unzip

Step 2: Change Directory To myss-master And Make Installation File Executable By sudo chmod 755

Step 3: In Terminal type ./

Installation Is Now Started,It May Require Your Permissions To Make Executable.



Step 1: Extract myss-master To Your Home Directory.

Step 2: Open ~/myss-master/Mac And Run

Step 3: In Terminal Type ./myssd .



  • It Doen't Compress The Screenshots Into .zip Or .rar So Everytime You Have To Do It Yourself, Maybe I Will Add This Feature To The Next Version.

  • In version 3.1.0 we have added the feature to compress all your screenshots with just 1-click. Run the 'myss-compress' file & it will create archive of all the screenshots.

  • You Have To Have scrot For Linux And screencapture For Mac Installed To Take Screenshots.

  • The installation process will check if scrot is installed or not, if not, it will attempt to install it.

  • Currently Have Issues On Arch Linux With Logging, We'll Work On It.

  • Install giblib On Arch Linux.

  • For Exit Press Ctrl+C