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Financial adviser

the aim of this project is to build a small but smart financial advisor-program.

Planned Topics:

  1. Simple budget visualiser: simple statistics and visualizations
  2. Advanced budget analysis: more advanced statistics, predictions, tagging, classification, goals setting and dynamic suggestions systems
  3. Research goal: detect whether the sepndings can predict mood swings, can influence mood swings, etc.

Planned technical implementation:

  1. The program for step 1 can be executed once via pandas implementation
  2. Steps 1,2,3 are executable id the data is persistenly stored in a local db -> SQL-db implementation

Current progress


1 is in progress


DB and Pandas implementation is complete (fine tuning always in progress) Simple Visualization is complete


  1. python3 -m venv env source env/bin/activate
  2. run mypy: mypy --ignore-missing-imports core
  3. run tests: pytest -q .

IDE execution

use for pandas execution