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NEAV1E is a GUI for AV1 encoders - aomenc, rav1e, svt-av1 & vp9.

A tool to make encoding faster and easier for AV1 encoders.

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🔬 How does this program work?

  1. This program will split the given video file into chunks (scene based splitting or equal chunks).
  2. After splitting, it will encode the chunks with n-amount of workers.
  3. When finished, it will merge the encoded files to a single video file.

alt text Releases Build status

Stable Builds: Releases

Testing Builds: AppVeyor

📽 Encoders

NEAV1E supports the following encoders:

  • Intel Quicksync AV1 (Intel ARC)
  • NVIDIA NVENC AV1 (RTX 40 Series)
  • aomenc / libaom
  • rav1e / librav1e
  • svt-av1 / libsvt-av1
  • libvpx-vp9
  • libx265 / libx264

🎉 Special Thanks To

  • @wcxu21 for Chinese Translations!
  • Nonami for Russian Translations!
  • ieno for Japanese Translations!
  • All other wonderful people reporting Bugs and being so patient!

📬 Contacting me

You can find me on the unofficial AV1 Discord or on the NEAV1E Discord