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QGIS Full Motion Video (FMV)
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QGIS Full Motion Video (FMV) #QGISFMV

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Plugin for QGIS 3 which allows to analyze, visualize and process videos inside the QGIS environment. QGIS FMV accepts multiple video formats such as mp4, ts, avi, etc. It is also able to extract video frames, to capture the current frame, to plot bitrate and to observe the video metadata with aerial images and more. It also offers the possibility to create reports with video metadata.

Standards supported:

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This development arises after observing that there was no free solution for the metadata extraction and video analysis in real time. All solutions are APIs or private tools such as Esri, for this reason, I decided to develop this open source project and, this way, offer this open source alternative to the QGIS community.

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  • FFMPEG : After downloading it, you should store it in an accessible folder and modify settings.ini with the corresponding path. For example D://FFMPEG or /usr/bin/

  • OpenCV : python3 -m pip install opencv-python

  • opencv-contrib-python : python3 -m pip install opencv-contrib-python

  • MatPlotLib : python3 -m pip install matplotlib

  • Klvdata : customized version of this library.

  • Homography : python3 -m pip install homography

The plugin install automatically this requisites,but you can install it using on Windows and Linux:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

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For show video

To see the video you need:

If everything works well the plugin should install these dependencies automatically in both, Windows and Linux.

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The use of this application is simple. It only needs a video with metadata, like for example one of these (ESRI copyright) Then, open the plugin where the "video manager" will be shown, open the video and with a double-click, the "player" will be opened. At this moment, you will see that new shapes have been added and you will see the platform position, metadata, etc.

If we don't have a MISB video we can create it from a video file and telemetry file from a DJI for example.

Link to Usage Documentation!

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Recommended readings

For more information about the Unmanned Air System (UAS) metadata from STANAG 4609


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The installation can be done from the QGIS Python Plugins Repository or from the zip.

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Installation on Windows

Windows automatically installs all, with user permission,If an error occurs, you should perform some checks.

Watch the video (Spanish)

Installation on Ubuntu

Ubuntu automatically installs all the dependencies if the user wants, for this his password will be requested.

The installation of OpenCV and OpenCV-contrib requires a lot of time for this reason you will have to install these dependencies using this script

Installation on Archlinux

Archlinux installation :

pacman -S qgis python-matplotlib opencv ffmpeg 
pip install homography

FFmpeg path

ffmpeg = "/usr/bin/"
ffprobe = "/usr/bin/"


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  • Convert videos to other format
  • Extract metadata from video file
  • Show Platform,Trajectory,Footprint and beams position in a QGIS
  • Possibility of extracting parts of the video
  • Capture of the current frame
  • Extraction of all frames of the video
  • Extract lon/lat/alt cursor coordinates
  • Apply sobel filters, edge detection ...

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Contributions are welcome!

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Contributing Code

Want to work on the project? Any kind of contribution is welcome!

Follow these steps:

Fork the project.
Create a new branch.
Make your changes and write tests ( if is possible).
Commit your changes to the new branch.
Send a pull request.

See before FMV Coding Standards!

And thanks for your code.


Contributing translations

Contributions are welcome!


Contributors List


GNU Public License (GPL) Version 3

Free Software, Hell Yeah!


Want to buy me a beer (or gadget)? Please use Paypal button on the project page, Donate , or contact me directly.


If this plugin is useful for you, consider to donate to the author.

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