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* @brief Arduino Library for MAX11609EEE+ device. Datasheet:
#ifndef _ALLABOUTEE_MAX11609_H_
#define _ALLABOUTEE_MAX11609_H_
#include <Arduino.h>
namespace AllAboutEE
class MAX11609
void begin(uint8_t sda, uint8_t scl, uint8_t vRef = NULL);
void begin(uint8_t vRef = NULL);
void setup(uint8_t data);
void configuration(uint8_t data);
uint16_t read(uint8_t channel);
void scan(uint16_t *buffer);
static const uint8_t ADDRESS = 0x33,
REF_EXTERNAL = 0x02, // As defined in Table 6. The external reference can range from 1V to VDD
REF_INTERNAL = 0x05, // As defined in Table 6. Reference will be 2.048V
REF_VDD = 0x00;
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