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Using the AllClients API with PHP

The API requires every request send the Account ID and API Key, which can be obtained by logging into your account and accessing the API Settings page.

API Requests

Every request must be HTTP POST type. The examples use cURL for communicating with the API, which is widely available on production PHP servers. If you are using a PHP framework or CMS there is likely a wrapper that simplifies and strengthens this part. If cURL is not available on the server or a better technology is available, a function like WordPress's wp_remote_post or library like Guzzle remove all the hassle by picking the best compatible communications layer and doing all of the configuration, all while reducing the amount of code you need to write.

XML Responses

With few exceptions the AllClients API returns responses as XML. The examples use SimpleXML to parse the responses. SimpleXML has been enabled by default since PHP 5.1.2, and provides a simpler interface for demo purposes than DOMDocument. DOMDocument is more powerful but also much more verbose. It is an implementation of the W3C DOM API, which can be advantageous for programmers coming from other languages.

Datetime Strings

The $format in the following brief example as used with the date_create_from_format function will parse the datetime strings to a PHP DateTime object:

    $format    = "n/j/Y g:i:s a";
    $input     = "2/15/2014 1:15:05 PM";
    $time_zone = new DateTimeZone("America/Los_Angeles");
    $date      = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, $input, $time_zone);
    print $date->format($date::ISO8601);
    /* Prints: 2014-02-15T13:15:05-0800 */

The GetContacts Example includes working code to parse API datetime strings to PHP DateTime objects.

Time Zone

It is important to note that PHP will use the current time zone if not specified (see $time_zone above). Time zone and daylight savings time observance are customizable within AllClients and should be specified to match settings when parsing. Refer to the complete List of Supported Timezones in PHP. For daylight savings time observance in PHP: America/Denver is Mountain Time Zone and America/Pheonix is Mountain with no DST; America/Adak is Hawaii, and Pacific/Honolulu is Hawaii with no DST.

Basic Examples

The account ID and API key must be set in the first lines of each of the examples in order to run them. They can be run from the command line or from a web browser, and each exemplify the use of a single API method.

'AddContact' example

sample/basic-add-contact.php uses the AddContact API method to create a new contact and return the contact ID.

'GetContacts' example

sample/basic-get-contacts.php uses the GetContacts API method to retrieve and list the contacts on an account.

New Contact Form example

sample/new-contact.php must be run in a web browser, and contains an HTML form to create a new contact with the AddContact method. A list of flags and to-do plans are also shown and, when selected, are added to the new contact using the ContactFlags and AssignToDoPlan methods respectively. If you have PHP 5.4+ installed on your system, you can download or clone this repository and use the built-in web server:

    $ cd allclients-php-examples
    $ php -S localhost:8000

And then load http://localhost:8000/sample/new-contact.php in your browser.