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An all-in-one solution for DAOs.


The idea is to give citizens an easy way to create a DAO for their community, so that they can start rebuilding local resilience, reclaim empty spaces, manage commons, and fund future projects.

Concord is being built with the support of All for Climate DAO.

On December 17, 2021, the project won the 1st prize of the DAO Global Hackathon's Core DAO tech track.

The project is documented in this Wiki.


Users can:

  • Create and vote on proposals
  • Claim retro-active expenses
  • Tip each other
  • Withdraw to their wallet
  • Topup their account
  • Donate to the DAO


cd concord
npm install

Test the Solidity contract

npx hardhat test

Test the Discord bot

In this short video:

  • A member submits a proposal
  • The community vote in Discord
  • The result of the vote triggers a Ethereum transaction

You can check this tutorial to learn how to test this bot.

Add a .env file and add your own credentials. You want to duplicate and rename .env.template.

cd bot
node index.js

Test the frontend

The frontend is availaible at

To test it locally:

cd frontend
yarn install
yarn react-app:start


Please note that Concord is not production-ready yet. When the time's right, you would:

  • Host the bot
  • Host the frontend
  • Add the bot to your Discord server


Please check and the current issues.

We're available in Discord.