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This is a node.js module that contains helper functions used in AllanBot.

The bot uses the unofficial facebook-chat-api, as well as firebase among other things.

The bot can be seen here. (type "@allanbot help" to see all the features!) Please note that the bot checks for new threads every minute, so the first response will take some time.

To use this, either install the module via

npm install allanbot

or add the following to your package.json dependency:

"allanbot": "git://"

All the bot features may be accessed after the following in your js file:

var allanbot = require('allanbot');

For a detailed example, check here.


-- Copied from the generated help menu as of July 16th, 2016 --

AllanBot is a Facebook Chat Bot that can be called by using "@allanbot [message]"

It also has the following features:

--- Saving text ---
"@allanbot --save xxx" will save the input xxx with a timestamp. These saved messages are specific to each conversation, and are not related to other messages you save in other messages.
"@allanbot --saved" will show the saved input.
"@allanbot --erase" will erase the saved input.

--- Translate ---
"@allanbot -t [language] [text]" will translate [text].
[language] may either be the language you are translating to, or input:output (ie @allanbot-t french:russian bonjour)
"@allanbot -t" will display all the available languages

--- Quick notifications ---
You need to type "@allanbot --eqn" to enable this feature.
"@allanbot @[name]: [content]" will notify [name] once he/she responds to ensure that the message is viewed.
"@allanbot --dqn" will disable this feature.

--- Mention notifications ---
"@allanbot --notify" will notify you when anyone else from any other thread mentions your name.
"@allanbot --notify [key]" will do the same, but with [key] as the keyword. You may add multiple keys.
"@allanbot --notify --clear" will clear all the keys, and
"@allanbot --notify --keys will show you all your current keys
"@allanbot --notify ![key]" will blacklist [key] from the search ("@allanbot --notify !bot" will not notify you if a message contains "bot")

--- Reminders ---
"@allanbot remind [name] @[time] [content]" will create a reminder for [name] in the future.
[time] can be formatted by HH:mm (with or without am/pm) or by a full date(YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm)

--- Quote/Find/Count ---
"@allanbot --find [text]" will display the latest message containing [text].
"@allanbot --quote [text]" will do the same thing but will also save it
You may view the saved quotes via "@allanbot --quotes" or "@allanbot --all quotes" to see the quotes saved by everyone in this conversation.
"@allanbot --count" will display the number of messages in the conversation

--- Chat colours ---
"@allanbot #000000" will change the chat colour to 000000 (black). That colour can be any 6 digit hex colour.
Common colour names may also be recognized, and you can create your own suggestions.
"@allanbot #random" will set the colour to a random colour and
"@allanbot #undo" will change it to the previous colour.

--- Chat title ---
"@allanbot title: [title]" will change the conversation title

--- Chat nicknames ---
"@allanbot nickname: [nickname]" will change your nickname to [nickname]; leave it blank (nickname: ) to remove your nickname

  • Dev features
    "@allanbot --nonickname" will remove all nicknames and save them to firebase
    "@allanbot --yesnickname" will restore the nicknames if they were saved

--- Using echo ---
"@allanbot --echo [text]" will have AllanBot repeat that text verbatim.

--- Direct responses ---
"@allanbot --me" will get AllanBot to automatically respond to you, without you having to type "@allanbot" in the future (you still need @allanbot for commands). You can type "stop" to disable this afterwards.

--- McGill Features ---
"@mcgill [course]" will display some information on that course (ie @mcgill biol200)


Snippets of code used in AllanBot



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