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Beginning graph style

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@@ -641,6 +641,8 @@ Any testing or debug materials should be within `MaterialLibrary/Debug`. This al
This section will focus on Blueprint classes and their internals. When possible, style rules conform to [Epic's Coding Standard](
Remember: Blueprinting badly bears blunders, beware! (Phrase by [KorkuVeren](
### Sections
> 3.1 [Compiling](#bp-compiling)
@@ -1063,7 +1065,45 @@ The Blueprint compiler is able to follow the flow of execution and will warn you
In situations like where a programmer may add a pin to a Sequence node or add logic after a for loop completes but the loop iteration might return early, this can often result in an accidental error in code flow. The warnings the Blueprint compiler will alert everyone of these issues immediately.
<a name="3.4"></a>
<a name="bp-graphs"></a>
### 3.4 Blueprint Graphs
This section covers things that apply to all Blueprint graphs.
<a name="3.4.1"></a>
<a name="bp-graphs-spaghetti"></a>
#### 3.4.1 No Spaghetti
Wires should have clear beginnings and ends. You should never have to mentally untangle wires to make sense of a graph. Many of the following sections are dedicated to reducing spaghetti.
<a name="3.4.2"></a>
<a name="bp-graphs-align-wires"></a>
#### 3.4.2 Align Wires Not Nodes
Always align wires, not nodes. You can't always control the size and pin location on a node, but you can always control the location of a node and thus control the wires.
Straight wires provide clear linear flow. Wiggly wires wear wits wickedly.
You can straighten wires by using the Straigten Connections command with BP nodes selected. Hotkey: Q
Good example: The tops of the nodes are staggered to keep a perfectly straight white exec line.
![Aligned By Wires]( "Aligned By Wires")
Bad Example: The tops of the nodes are aligned creating a wiggly white exec line.
![Bad]( "Wiggly")
Acceptable Example: Certain nodes might not cooperate no matter how you use the alignment tools. In this situation, try to minimize the wiggle by bringing the node in closer.
![Acceptable]( "Acceptable")
<a name="3.4.3"></a>
<a name="bp-graphs-exec-first-class"></a>
#### 3.4.3 White Exec Lines Are Top Priority
If you ever have to decide between straightening a linear white exec line or straightening data lines of some kind, always straighten the white exec line.
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