A web app where users view new Reddit posts and “buy” posts using an artificial point system. Users win points if their post gains karma over the course of N hours, and lose points if it does not gain karma.
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Databases Final Project: ReddVestment

Originally submitted December 12, 2018 to Professor Tim Weninger.
Click here to watch our project demo.

Team Members

General Description

A web app where users view posts from a specified subreddit and invest in one of five new posts. Users win points if their post gains karma over the course of approximately 12 hours.

Advanced Functions

  • Post prediction: When a user is prompted with posts, ReddVestment will tell the user which post it predicts will perform the best over 12 hours. This was accomplished by way of a regression model trained on hundreds of thousands of Reddit posts.
  • Multiplayer: Users can add other users as friends and can challenge them to a battle of memes. Whoever chooses the more successful of five posts wins! Users can view leaderboards of their friends and of the whole website.