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Human cortical cell types
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Human cortical cell types

Code to generate figures for the manuscript "Conserved cell types with divergent features in human versus mouse cortex" describing transcriptomic cell types in adult human neocortex.

Level of support

We are not currently supporting this code, but simply releasing it to the community AS IS but are not able to provide any guarantees of support. The community is welcome to submit issues, but you should not expect an active response.


  • Run "Code_0_prepareComparisonDataSets" and then "Code_1_buildDendrogram" prior to running other scripts, which can be run in any order (Support... functions do not need to be run)
  • The two "Code_metaNeighbor" take several hours to several days to run, while the other scripts are relatively fast
  • Several files need to be downloaded and unzipped prior to running code, as explained in "Code_0_prepareComparisonDataSets" and "Code_correlationWithOtherDatasets.r"
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