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My version of Game 2048.
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GAME 2048
Created by Allen Shieh

How to play:
Use UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT on you keyboard to play the game.
Use MINUS, PLUS, SPACE to decrease, increase volume and pause the music.

When two same blocks get together, they combine with each other and the number doubles.
Your score increased by the number on the block after combined.
Every step will created a new block numbered with 2 in the empty block.
There is one fourth of possibility that you get a new block numbered with 4.
The 'Better of worse' mode has one eighth of possibility that one of the blocks changes into 2.
The 'Time' mode has a time limit of 60 seconds.

You can press ESC to quit the program.
You can save your game but only one save document can be created.
You can load your previous game you saved.
You can take one step back but only one.
You can't use save, load or back function in the time mode.
There are two styles you can choose.
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