Repository containing the periodic quizes and exercises set for the development team and business.
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Alliants' codekatas


This repository contains alliants' codekatas. These are exercises and test set for members of our development team - as well as coding exercises set for non-programmers.

Kata Contents

  1. Fizz Buzz
  2. Roman Numerals
  3. Binary Search
  4. Interactive Fiction
  5. TBC!


Make sure you have git set-up correctly!

git config --global "Your Name Here"
git config --global ""

Clone the repository and create a working branch. Use the branching structure syntax below!

git clone
git checkout -b "initials_testnumber_nameofbranch"


git checkout -b "ljb_001_if_else_solution"

Go into the folder of the test you want to do. In that folder create a folder with your git username. For example:

mkdir lee-jon
mkdir hatchws

Keep all files in that folder. On your last commit, push branch to the repo and ssue a pull request back to the repository once you're done. You should never bemerging to master!

git add .
git commit "add lee-jon's solution to the second exercise"

git push origin ljb_001_if_else_solution

Pull requests are done within github. Go to the repo and select your branch from the branches. Then click pull request above.

The submissions will be reviewed and merged to master by Dan, Joe or Lee-Jon.

Happy hacking!