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Convert any Gist Markdown file in to a slide show powered by Reveal.js
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Gimare - Online Markdown Slide Show / PPT

Gimare - Convert any Gist Markdown file in to a slide show powered by Reveal.js. Front-end only, NO server needed!

Try it out:

View a demo:

Check the gist file of this demo.

Have your own Gimare in minutes

Way 1st: Download this repo, deploy the /docs folder to your host.

Way 2nd: Fork this repo, go to repo > Settings > GitHub Pages, change the section to master branch /docs folder. Then visit

That's all!


Try this demo:

It’s easy to change styles or animation effects of Gimare, just add a Front-matter at the beginning of the markdown file, such as

theme: "moon"
separator: "==="
verticalSeparator: "===="
transition: "zoom"
  • Avariable themes: beige, black, blood, moon, night, serif, simple, sky, solarized, white, default is league
  • separator: a regular expression for horizontal slides, default is ^\r?\n---\r?\n$
  • separatorVertical: a regular expression defines vertical slides, default is ^\r?\n----\r?\n$
  • separatorNotes: a regular expression for specifying the beginning of the current slide's speaker notes, defaults is notes?:
  • others: as same as configuration of reveal.js

Build Gimare from source

npm install
npm run build
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