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All kinds of contributions to Allure of the Stars are gratefully welcome!
Some of the contributors are listed below, in chronological order.
Andres Loeh
Mikolaj Konarski
Krzysztof Pławski
Daniel Keefe
Pablo Reszczynski
Simon Michael
Fonts 16x16xw.woff, 16x16xw.bdf, 16x16x.fnt, 8x8x.fnt and 8x8xb.fnt
are are derived from fonts taken from, copyrighted by Leon Marrick,
Sheldon Simms III and Nick McConnell and released by them under
GNU GPL, version 2 or any later version (confirmed at
Any further modifications by authors of LambdaHack
are also released under GNU GPL version 2. The licence file is at
GameDefinition/fonts/LICENSE.16x16x in the source code tree.
Font 16x16xw.bdf is derived from 16x16x.fon by changing all but
a few glyphs, converting to BDF format, extending character set
and hacking the font file with bdftopcf and pcf2bdf to include
full bitmaps, not only non-zero portions, for otherwise SDL2-ttf
was not able to display the glyphs.
Font 16x16xw.woff was derived from 16x16xw.bdf by changing format
to TTF with bitsnpicas, faking descendent offsets to be 1 point lower
to prevent freetype from adding an extra pixel to the descendent,
tweaking with fontforge glyps 3 5 6 8 A a S s b d h to prevent antialiasing
of their vital parts when zoomed out, auto-hinting, manually simplifying
hints in some glyphs and converting to WOFF format.
Font Fix15Mono-Bold.woff is a modified version of
that is copyright 2012-2015, The Mozilla Foundation and Telefonica S.A.
The modified font is released under the SIL Open Font License, as seen in
GameDefinition/fonts/LICENSE.Fix15Mono-Bold in the source code tree.
Modifications were performed with font editor FontForge and are as follows:
* straighten and enlarge #, enlarge %, &, ', +, \,, -, :, ;, O, _, `
* centre a few other glyphs
* create a small 0x22c5
* shrink 0xb7 a bit
* extend all fonts by 150% and 150%
(the extension resulted in an artifact in letter 'n',
which was gleefully kept, and many other artifacts and distortions
that should be fixed at some point)
* set width of space, nbsp and # glyphs to 1170
(this is a hack to make DOM create square table cells)
* copy O to 0 (zero) and add the middle dot from the original zero
* randomly fix various errors and simplify with fontforge
* auto-generate hints with fontforge
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