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the double mystery about potion of water wasn't as much fun as I expe…

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1 parent e1d2492 commit 4543a7f3178ca3b173a2ab2d4bb004a69444ef8a @Mikolaj Mikolaj committed Apr 18, 2011
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@@ -109,11 +109,11 @@ effectToAction Effect.SummonEnemy source target power = do
return (True, "")
effectToAction Effect.ApplyPerfume source target _ =
if source == target
- then return (False, "Tastes like water. No good to drink.")
+ then return (True, "Tastes like water, but with a strong rose scent.")
else do
let upd lvl = lvl { lsmell = (const (-100)) (lsmell lvl) }
modify (updateLevel upd)
- return (True, "The fragrance quells all scents.")
+ return (True, "The fragrance quells all scents in the vicinity.")
effectToAction Effect.Regneration source target power =
effectToAction Effect.Heal source target power
effectToAction Effect.Searching source target power =

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