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by default give bots lots of HP and deterministic dungeons

Compilation for debugging with the bot:
  cabal install --ghc-options="-dcore-lint -debug" -fstd
  Bot 1 200000 | Allure > /tmp/log
No segfaults obtained this way so far.
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commit a769ee7f30a38574f6402fe677f537077e0b7d69 1 parent c5c4a25
@Mikolaj Mikolaj authored
2  Allure.cabal
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ license: BSD3
license-file: LICENSE
tested-with: GHC==7.0.3
data-files: LICENSE, CREDITS, PLAYING.markdown,
- README.markdown, src/config.default, scores
+ README.markdown, src/config.default, src/, scores
author: Andres Loeh, Mikolaj Konarski and others
maintainer: Mikolaj Konarski <>
description: This is an alpha prerelease of Allure of the Stars,
8 src/ConfigDefault.hs
@@ -14,6 +14,14 @@ import Multiline
configDefault :: String
configDefault = [$multiline|
+#ifdef STD
+#include ""
#include "config.default"
57 src/
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+; This is the default config file, included in the binary itself.
+; The game looks for the user config file in ~/.Allure/config.
+; We restricts the config file format by insisting that
+; options are case-sensitive and permitting only ';' comments.
+; If you contribute to the game, please create directory ~/.Allure/
+; as described in README.markdown. In this way, you will not accidentally
+; commit your private high scores (nor your save files) to the game
+; git repository.
+; the hardcoded default for levels with no specified layout:
+LambdaCave_1: rogueRoom
+; access to stairs may be blocked, so only suitable for the last level:
+LambdaCave_10: noiseRoom
+LambdaCave_3: bigRoom
+depth: 10
+fovMode: digital
+;fovMode: permissive
+;fovMode: shadow
+fovRadius: 40
+randomSeed: 6
+; paths to various game files; relative to ~/.Allure/
+; (or analogous prefixes for other OSes, see getAppUserDataDirectory)
+highScores: scores
+saveGame: save
+HeroName_0: you
+HeroName_1: Haskell Alvin
+HeroName_2: Alonzo Barkley
+HeroName_3: Ernst Abraham
+HeroName_4: Samuel Saunders
+HeroName_5: Roger Robin
+baseHP: 1000000
+extraHeroes: 0
+firstDeathEnds: False
+; TODO: the following does not work yet:
+; ; throw a dart at the closest monster
+; t: asterisk Return t Return
+; TODO: in gtk it could be implemented via unGetChan,
+; unless we prefer an explicit command queue, with flushing, etc.
+; Angband compatibility
+v: t
+smellTimeout: 1000
+historyMax: 500
2  src/config.default
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ fovMode: digital
;fovMode: permissive
;fovMode: shadow
fovRadius: 40
-;randomSeed: 0
+;randomSeed: 6
; paths to various game files; relative to ~/.Allure/
; (or analogous prefixes for other OSes, see getAppUserDataDirectory)
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