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v0.5.0.0, aka 'Halfway through space'

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@Mikolaj Mikolaj released this 01 Aug 10:09

This is a major milestone release that will be maintained for some time. Please see for installation and configuration information and for gameplay tips.


  • let AI put excess items in shared stash and use them out of shared stash
  • let UI multiple items pickup routine put items that don't fit into equipment into shared stash, if possible, not into inventory pack
  • re-enable the ability to hear close, invisible foes
  • add a few more AI and autonomous henchmen tactics (CTRL-T)
  • keep difficulty setting over session restart
  • change some game start keybindings
  • replace the Duel game mode with the Raid game mode
  • various bugfixes, minor improvements and balancing

Additional release notes about Windows binaries

If you don't already have GTK installed (e.g., for the GIMP picture editor) please download and run (with default settings) the GTK installer from

If characters on your screen resize and misalign when they turn bold, try picking a different monospace font from the right-mouse button menu. If this doesn't work, turn bold fonts off via colorIsBold = False in the config file or --noColorIsBold on commandline.

If you use the keypad and it doesn't work correctly, you have several options. Turn NumLock off (or on, the game should be playable in this mode, too). Remember that you can run with keypad keys and either Shift or Control. Alternatively you can use the uk8o79jl keys on the main keyboard. If you instead want to set up the VI keys (aka roguelike keys), set the movementViKeys_hjklyubn option in the [ui] section of the config file to True.