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This program will generate an Infra-Red command for a Nikon camera which will take a picture.
The Camera's shutter mode must be set to remote control:
Nikon: Info button -> release mode -> Quick-response remote.
Created by: Allyn Hunt
Acknowledgements -
This project was made possible using information from the following projects:
Connecting the IR-LED to the GPIO:
Only the dedicated GPIO pins 2 or 3 can be used for this project.
see for more information on GPIO speeds.
// Creat an array for the pulse values:
int nikonCommand[16] = {76, 1058, 15, 61, 15, 137, 15, 1078, 76, 1058, 15, 61, 15, 137, 15, 1078};
// Setup the pin used for the IR LED:
int pinIR_LED = 2;
// Set a delay between pictures:
int delaySeconds = 5;
// Setup pin to fast mode:
void setup(){
pinMode(pinIR_LED, OUTPUT_FAST);
Serial.println("Setup..." );
void takePicNikon()
for(int x=0; x<sizeof(nikonCommand)/sizeof(int); x++)
int y = x + 1;
pulseLoop(nikonCommand[x], (y%2));
void loop()
Serial.println("Taking picture: " );
// This calls the main function:
// Delay for a given time before taking another picture:
delay((delaySeconds * 1000));
// This function generates the actual pulses used to make the command:
// Note: Putting any print statements in here will cause the pulses to become skewed and unstable.
void pulseLoop(int pulses, int SHINE)
// Integers for loops:
int i;
int n;
// delayValue is used to delay the clock from 460KHz to 38.4KHz:
int delayValue = 12;
register int x = 0;
// Loop to control the number of pulses created
// Number is multiplied by 2 to create both the low and high period of the pulse:
for(n=0; n<(pulses*2); n++)
// Loop to delay the digitalWrite to 38.4KHz:
for(i=0; i<delayValue; i++)
// SHINE only activates the IR LED when we are supposed to pulse, deactivates for the delay:
digitalWrite(pinIR_LED, (x & SHINE));
x =!x;