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Panorama was made to generate a wide report about Windows systems, support and tested on Windows XP SP2 and up.

Provide a fast solution as giving an initial overview to the incident, Currently performing quite basic report.

The tool doesn't require admin permissions and yet can provide you a professional report on any Windows computer locally or throughout the network (Using without GUI).

New - 'Files Finder' - Map all media files, Currenlty available from GUI only. (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, PDF, gif, png, jpg, jped, wmv, mp4, avi)

Report structure


  1. Users - Password, Admin, Last logon, Last password update
  2. Startup commands - Command, Active
  3. Task scheduler - Name, Next run, Status
  4. Installed Softwares - List
  5. Recently used files - List
  6. Active processes - Name, ID, Communication


  1. McAfee - Version, Dat Date, Quarantine, Exclusions, Logs
  2. Firewall - Status, Allowed applications
  3. Microsoft hotfixes - Date, List of packages


  1. Network cards - List
  2. IP Address - IP, Gateway, DHCP, Date, IPv6
  3. MAC Address - List
  4. Net view - List
  5. Netstat - Local, Target, ID, Process, Status
  6. ARP Table - IP, MAC, Type
  7. Hosts file - Domain, Target IP


  1. USB - Name, Type, Serial number, Date
  2. USB Deview - Link

Report output options:

  1. HTML - Web page
  2. Text file

Quick USER guide:

  1. Run 'Panorama.exe' from bin folder:
2.1 Double-click OR from CMD without arguments - Opens the GUI

2.2 Run from CMD - with argument '-c' - writes the results to TXT file (%temp%/panorama):

```Panorama.exe -c```
  1. Can run from CMD with argument '-h' to see the tiny help screen.

  2. NO admin permissions is required :)


The original Panorama file compiled by:

c:\Python27\Scripts\pyinstaller.exe --onefile --window --icon=panorama.ico


Web report view:

Text report view: