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This repository contains website source code for

This website is built with the Hugo web framework.

For developers

To deploy local development environment, you will need following dependencies installed on your development host:

  • hugo

Executing hugo server will deploy a nearly complete, ready to go development environment.

Localization will be incomplete unless you first run and Please do not commit the files which are output by these scripts.

Directories and modules

  • /layouts/ - Hugo HTML templates
  • /layouts/partial - commonly used template such as header and footer
  • /i18n/ - Localization files and translations
  • /static/ - static files
  • /content/ - Markdown content for pages
  • config.yaml - Hugo config
  • - find strings used in layouts/templates which do not exist in the base language file i18n/en.json
  • - create missing markdown pages for languages which do not exist. By default Hugo will return 404 for markdown content without localized pages. This script copies the English markdown to be served when translated copies are missing.

Localization and translation

AlmaLinux OS localization and translation is managed using Weblate.

To contribute translations see AlmaLinux OS localization project in Weblate.

You can request new languages to be added by creating a ticket in GitHub issues.

Translation status

Copyright (c) 2023 AlmaLinux OS Foundation