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Lukas "Almad" Linhart <> is the primary author of this library.
However, code and/or inspiration has been taken from other generous
open-source authors, listed in arbitrary order:
Mikeal Rogers is an contributor to windmill. A while ago, he posted me
a snipped on how to integrate CherryPy WSGI with Django. Later, he included
similar thing in Windmill. Live server plugin is based on those codes.
Jeff Balogh wrote a patch for Django's #12671. Snippets from this patch
(commited in were used for
flushing cache part.
Jeff also started django-nose project. Its test runners are used in DST.
Jason Pellerin wrote the nose testing framework that made this library
possible. Also, he wrote propagation methods for making unittest assert
methods available that were adopted in DST.
Rob Hudson wrote a patch for multithreaded Django dev server, available at . It served as a base for Django live
server embedded in code.
Andrej Tokarcik contributed TemplateTagTestCase and variety of improvements.