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JavaFX Game Development Framework

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Good for ...

  • 2D / casual games
  • Hobby / academic projects
  • Learning / improving game development skills
  • Fast prototyping of game ideas

Not so good for ...

  • 3D, mobile or web (until JavaFX can readily support these)

Latest Release Features

Graphics & UI Application Framework
JavaFX 8 FXEventBus
Multi-Layer Rendering Time Management System (in-game time + real time)
Canvas Particle System Multithreading
Dynamic Texture Manipulation Log4j2
Sprite Sheet Animations Performance Monitor + Profiling
Target Screen Resolution (+Fullscreen) Global Services Framework
Customizable Intro Video / Animation Developer Panel
Customizable Main Menu / Game Menu (3 built-in menu styles) GC-free Object Pooling
Customizable UI elements (Dialogs, Bars, Buttons, etc)

Customizable Global CSS for menus / UI elements
Post-processing Effects (alpha)
User Input I/O
Key & Mouse Bindings EasyIO & Networking (TCP and UDP)
Full Input Mocking Asset Management (".png", ".jpg", ".wav", ".mp3", ".txt", ".ttf/.otf", custom)
Physics Utilities
JBox2D GameUtils
FXGL Physics (BBox + SAT)
Unified Collision Handling (JBox2D + FXGL physics)
Gameplay AI
Ents (ECS) gdxAI
Full Game Loop AStar
Quick Time Events (QTE)
JavaScript Behavior Injections (for entities) + JavaScript FXGL Environment Variables

Achievement System
Notification System
Saving / Loading System
User Profiles (Save/Load/Restore Game Settings)
Level Parsers (.txt, .json (alpha) using jackson)
Quest Tracker

If you have a use case (feature) that FXGL doesn't cover, raise an issue, carefully describing the use case.


You can browse sample games (with screenshots) on the FXGLGames website. The source code is included.

Java Example

public class BasicGameApp extends GameApplication {

    protected void initSettings(GameSettings settings) {
        settings.setTitle("Basic Game App");
        // other settings

    protected void initInput() {}

    protected void initAssets() {}

    protected void initGame() {}

    protected void initPhysics() {}

    protected void initUI() {}

    protected void onUpdate(double tpf) {}

    public static void main(String[] args) {

Kotlin Example

class BasicGameApp : GameApplication() {

    override fun initSettings(settings: GameSettings) {
        with(settings) {
            width = 800
            height = 600
            title = "Basic Game App"
            version = "0.1"
            // other settings

    override fun initInput() { }

    override fun initAssets() { }

    override fun initGame() { }

    override fun initPhysics() { }

    override fun initUI() { }

    override fun onUpdate(tpf: Double) { }

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    Application.launch(, *args)
  • (up to date) For all "Getting Started" tutorials check out the Wiki.
  • (up to date) The Samples folder will be constantly updated to include demonstrations of various features.
  • (outdated) The YouTube videos will walk you through the basics.
  • For advanced examples please see FXGLGames.

Setup Video Tutorials




dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.almasb:fxgl:0.2.9'

Uber jar

Latest pre-compiled uber jar can be found in Releases


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