Analyze and Export Wikipedia XML dump to ElasticSearch for use as knowledge resource
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Wikipedia XML dump to ElasticSearch

Project goal - Use 3 different types of Wikipedia pages (Redirect/Disambiguation/Title) in order to extract 5 different semantic features for the tasks of Identifying Semantic Relations and Cross Document Co-Reference, used in NLP Architect:

Relations Types

Getting the index with Docker

This is the preferred and fastest way to get the elastic index locally.

Docker Prerequisites

Before starting this one-time process, make sure docker disk image size (in your Docker Engine Preferences) is not limited under 150GB. Once below one-time process done, you can decrease image size

Get Image and Build Container

  1. Pull the image and run it (pulled image is 11GB)

    #>docker pull aeirew/elastic-wiki

    #>docker run -d -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 aeirew/elastic-wiki

  2. The Elastic container index is still empty, all data is in a compressed file within the image, in order to create and export the wiki data into the Elastic index (which takes a while) run the following command

    #>docker exec <REPLACE_WITH_RUNNING_CONTAINER_ID> /tmp/

  3. Save to new image (after done you can delete the original aeirew/elastic-wiki image, in order to save disk space)

    #>docker commit <CONTAINER_ID> <IMAGE_NEW_NAME>

  4. after saving stop the running container with

    #>docker stop <CONTAINER_ID>

  5. That's it! run you image with elastic index

    #>docker run -d -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 <IMAGE_NEW_NAME>

Building the index From Source

Disclimer: Processing Wiki latest full dump (15GB .bz2 AND 66GB unpacked as .xml) including the normalization and lemmatization of text, will take about 5 days (tested on MacBook pro, using stanford parser to extract relations, normalize and lemmatize the data).
In case of using this data in order to identify semantic relations between phrases at run time, It is recommended to normalize the fields for better results, in case not needed or for a much faster data export into elastic (5 hours), set normalize to false in conf.json, as shown in "Project Configuration Files".

You might want to consider using the Docker Image to save that time


Project Configuration Files

  • src/main/resources/conf.json - basic process configuration
    "indexName" : "enwiki_v3" #Set your desired Elastic Search index name  
    "docType" : "wikipage" #Set your desired Elastic Search documnent type
    "normalizeFields" : "true" #Weather to run normalization of fields while processing the data
    "insertBulkSize": 100 #Number of pages to bulk insert to elastic search every iteration (found this number to give best preformence)
    "mapping" : "mapping.json" #Elastic Mapping file (should point to src/main/resources/mapping.json)
    "setting" : "es_map_settings.json" #Elastic Setting file (should point to src/main/resources/es_map_settings.json)
    "host" : "localhost" #Elastic host (were Elastic instance is installed and running)
    "port" : 9200 #Elastic port (host port were Elastic is installed and running, elastic defualt is 9200)
    "wikiDump" : "dumps/enwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.bz2" #Wikipedia bz2 downloaded dump file location
    "scheme" : "http" #Elastic host schema (should probebly stay unchanged)
    "shards" : 1 #Number of Elastic shards to use
    "replicas" : 0 #Number of Elastic replicas to use
  • src/main/resources/mapping.json - Elastic wiki index mapping (Should probably stay unchanged)

  • src/main/resources/es_map_settings.json - Elastic index settings (Should probably stay unchanged)

  • Make sure Elastic process is running and active on your host (if running Elastic locally your IP is http://localhost:9200/)

  • Checkout/Clone the repository

  • Put wiki xml.bz2 dump file (no need to extract the bz2 file!) in: dumps folder under root checkout repository.
    Recommendation: Start with a small wiki dump, make sure you like what you get (or modify configurations to meet your needs) before moving to a full blown 15GB dump export..

  • Make sure conf.json configuration for Elastic are set as expected (default localhost:9200)

  • From command line navigate to project root directory and run:
    ./gradlew clean build
    Should get a message saying: BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 7s

  • Extract the build zip file created at this location build/distributions/

  • Run the process from command line:
    java -Xmx6000m -DentityExpansionLimit=2147480000 -DtotalEntitySizeLimit=2147480000 -Djdk.xml.totalEntitySizeLimit=2147480000 -jar build/distributions/WikipediaToElastic-1.0/WikipediaToElastic-1.0.jar

Generated Elastic Page Example

Once process has finished, you should see in your ElasticSearch selected index, pages that have been created with the following structures (also see "Created Fields Attributes" for more details):

Page Example (Extracted from Wikipedia disambiguation page):

  "_index": "enwiki_v2",
  "_type": "wikipage",
  "_id": "40573",
  "_version": 1,
  "_score": 20.925367,
  "_source": {
    "title": "NLP",
    "text": "{{wiktionary|NLP}}\n\n'''NLP''' may refer to:\n\n; .....",
    "relations": {
      "isPartName": false,
      "isDisambiguation": true,
      "disambiguationLinks": [
        "Natural language programming",
        "New Labour",
        "National Library of the Philippines",
        "Neuro linguistic programming",
        "Natural language processing",
        "National Liberal Party",
        "Natural Law Party",
        "National Labour Party",
        "Normal link pulses",
        "New Labour Party"
      "categories": [
      "titleParenthesis": [],
      "disambiguationLinksNorm": [
        "natural language processing",
        "natural law party",
        "national labour party",
        "natural language programming",
        "national library philippine",
        "neuro linguistic programming",
        "new labour party",
        "national liberal party",
        "new labour",
        "normal link pulse"
      "categoriesNorm": [
      "titleParenthesisNorm": []

Page Example (Extracted from Wikipedia redirect page):

  "_index": "enwiki_v2",
  "_type": "wikipage",
  "_id": "2577248",
  "_version": 1,
  "_score": 20.925367,
  "_source": {
    "title": "Nlp",
    "text": "#REDIRECT",
    "redirectTitle": "NLP",
    "relations": {
      "isPartName": false,
      "isDisambiguation": false

Created Fields Attributes

json field Value comment
_id Text Wikipedia page id
_source.title Text Wikipedia page title
_source.text Text Wikipedia page text
_source.redirectTitle Text (optional) Wikipedia page redirect title
_source.relations.beCompRelations List (optional) Be-Comp (or 'Is A') relation list
_source.relations.beCompRelationsNorm List (optional) Be-Comp (or 'Is A') relation list norm
_source.relations.categories List (optional) Categories relation list
_source.relations.categoriesNorm List (optional) Categories relation list norm
_source.relations.isDisambiguation Bool (optional) is Wikipedia disambiguation page
_source.relations.isPartName List (optional) is Wikipedia page name description
_source.relations.titleParenthesis List (optional) List of disambiguation secondary links
_source.relations.titleParenthesisNorm List (optional) List of disambiguation secondary links norm