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California Privacy Wizard: the game of CCPA opt-outs (and epic wizard battles)


California Privacy Wizard is an epic game of wizard battles that you play by tagging people on Twitter.

You get new spells by opting out of tracking under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a new law that protects your personal information from being traded and sold by database marketers.

How to play

FIXME This is where we tell people to look at the player intro on the web site.


This project has three components: a browser extension, a database-backed web site, and a Twitter bot.

  • Browser extension: detects when you have successfully completed a quest, and then allows you to proceed to the web site to collect your new spell.

  • Web site: tracks your spells and standings.

  • Twitter bot: uses your activity on Twitter to resolve battles and apprenticeships.

The extension code is in /extension. The web site and Twitter bot, along with the common Python and SQL used in both, are in /src.

FIXME: the Twitter bot is not written yet but it will be in Python and live in /src.

Getting started: web extension

Getting started: web application

On Linux

Install Docker from the package manager and start it with the service manager. For Fedora:

sudo dnf install docker
sudo systemctl start docker

Test that you can connect to the Docker daemon with:

docker ps

If you get an error, you may need to add yourself to the docker group and restart Docker.

sudo groupadd docker && sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker && sudo systemctl restart docker
newgrp docker

On Mac OS

Install Docker Desktop for Mac. (You do not need to make a Docker Hub account, just start Docker.)

run tests

Run the tests in a container.


(Docker must be running and you must be able to connect to it.)

Use the web application in a demo environment

This script will attempt to copy data from the live site, then start a local copy in a container.


Visit the site at: http://localhost:5000/

Your changes in the src directory will show up in the container, and Flask is configured to auto-reload when you modify anything.

clean up Docker containers and images

This script is only for development systems where you aren't using Docker for other things. Don't run this script on a production system.

It keeps the base Debian images and images with extra system packages installed (because these images take a while to build and don't change often) and removes all the other images.



We accept pull requests and issues on Github.


PostgreSQL: Widely used RDBMS.

Python 3: Language runtime.

Python packages

  • Authlib: OAuth support.

  • psycopg2: Widely used adapter for PostgreSQL.

  • flask: Full-featured but relatively simple web development framework.

  • loginpass: Wrapper for OAuth

web-ext: Tool for building and testing the extension

Third parties

Twitter: Because Twitter game.

Art Credits

Wizard hat graphic based on "solid hat-wizard.svg" from Font Awesome Free 5.4.1 by @fontawesome - [CC BY 4.0 (]

Pixel Operator typeface by Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96) Licensed under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) 1.0. © 2009-2018.

Favicon image conversions and template markup by RealFaviconGenerator


Authlib: Python Authentication

Browser Extensions - Mozilla

Flask, A Python Microframework

The Flask Mega-Tutorial

Getting started with Docker (on Fedora Linux)


PostgreSQL: Documentation

Twitter Developers


California Privacy Wizard: the game of CCPA opt-outs (and epic wizard battles)







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