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Alovoa aims to be the first widespread open-source dating web application on the web. What differs this from other platform?

  • No ads
  • No selling your data
  • No paid features (no "pay super-likes", "pay to swipe", "pay to view profile" or "pay to start a chat")
  • No unsecure servers
  • No closed-source libraries
  • No seeing people you don't want to see with advanced filters
  • Your most private data is securely encrypted

How to build:

  • Install a JDK >= 9 (OpenJDK 11 is officially supported)
  • Install maven:
  • Setup a database (MariaDB is officially supported)
  • Setup an email server or use an existing one (any provider with IMAP support should work)
  • Enter credentials for database server, email server and encryption keys in
  • Execute "mvn install" in the folder where the pom.xml resides


  • Spring Tool Suite is recommended for debugging
  • Find the lombok.jar (should be in the ~/.m2) and execute it with "java -jar"


  • Please read the


  • All code is licensed under the AGPLv3 license, unless stated otherwise.
  • All images are proprietary, unless stated otherwise.
  • Third-party web libraries can be found under resources/css/lib and resources/js/lib and have their own license.
  • Third-party Java libraries can be found in the pom.xml and have their own license.