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Sep 29, 2011


Tag riak_core 1.0.0
Sep 27, 2011


Tag riak_core 1.0.0rc2
Sep 21, 2011


Tag riak_core 1.0.0rc1
May 11, 2011


Tagging riak_core to riak_core-0.14.2-trifork
Apr 22, 2011
Feb 23, 2011


Fix slide.erl unit tests.
The new implementation of slide cannot use only the moment "time" to
make decisions of which 1-second files to consider: time must actually
go by in 1 second increments (to allow file mtimes to change).  So,
to simulate the passage of time for EUnit tests, I added the
idle_time_passing/3 function.  A side-effect of this is adding
extra event counts, one per simulated second, so some of the expected
counts from the pre-commit tests needed to be increased.

Also, the quantile calculations by basho_stats_histogram.erl are
clever estimates, but the ranges of 1-100 needed to be increased by
a factor of 100 to be able to fall into different histogram summary bins.
Feb 10, 2011


Bug 520 - vnode throws error during handoff
Remove code that performs a double-wrapping of requests.
Jan 5, 2011
Oct 8, 2010
Oct 8, 2010
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