A music player designed to play loopable soundtracks indefinitely, with a loop detection functionality.
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Music Room is an audio player designed for loopable soundtrack such as video game loops, written by Alice Jankowska. To get the player, visit the Music Room website.

Multiple packages were used, in particular NAudio.


  • choosing looping parameters for a track
  • looping a track indefinitely
  • managing, saving and loading a playlist of loopable tracks
  • creating shareable playlists, independent from one's filesystem


  • - initial release

Project structure

At the moment, the Music Room code is split into two projects:

  • Alphicsh.Audio - playback functionality, such as a looping audio stream or an abstract audio player; since it's a pretty generic functionality, it's separated from the application itself
  • Alphicsh.MusicRoom - the actual application, along with its tracks and playlists structures