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remove RMMapBoxSource & RMMBTilesSource? #92

incanus opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Justin R. Miller Thomas Rasch Lars van de Kerkhof
Justin R. Miller

I don't feel super-strongly about this, but would you be open to the idea of removing these sources from your version? The reason I ask is because beyond the extra things that we're doing like RMInteractiveSource and MapBox-specific improvements to RMMarker, my implementations of these two tile sources differs slightly as well. Since both are specific to MapBox, maybe it makes more sense to just maintain them in our fork? I know that I've contributed to them in the past to route-me/route-me as well, though…

Anyway, curious about your thoughts. No big deal either way. but I don't anticipate pushing changes to them up to your project unless critical...

Thomas Rasch

Agreed, MapBox customers probably already use your fork so it's redundant here. I'll remove them.

Thomas Rasch trasch referenced this issue from a commit
Thomas Rasch trasch o Removed RMMapBoxSource and RMMBTilesSource since MapBox customers p…
…robably already use the MapBox fork (closes Alpstein/route-me/#92)
Thomas Rasch trasch closed this
Lars van de Kerkhof

Right, so that totally broke my build. Where is the @incanus fork you guys where talking about?

Justin R. Miller
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