@davidgyoung davidgyoung released this Dec 16, 2017 · 118 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fix performance problems when using identifiers 3-15 bytes caused by
    Identifier#toHexString(). (#615, David G. Young)
  • Restore missing runningAverageRssi values (#621, David G. Young)
  • Fix NPE on ExtraBeaconDataTracker (#626, David G. Young)
  • Fix regression with RunningAverageRssiFilter.setSampleExpirationMilliseconds
    being overwritten when committing ranged beacon measurements. (#629, Aaron Kromer)
  • Fix missing running average RSSI in callbacks when apps do not use the
    scheduled scan job feature. (#630, Aaron Kromer)
  • Fix copying of multi-frame beacon flag in Beacon(Beacon) constructor (#630, Aaron Kromer)
  • Fix the AltBeaon(Beacon) copy constructor which omitted some data fields (#630, Aaron Kromer)