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Changes since 2.1:


  • Optionally allow tracking multiple beacons with the same identifiers, distinguishing with the mac address.
  • Support for Gatt-based beacons and interleaved frames
  • Filter out invalid RSSI values of 127 for distance calculations
  • Identifier class now supports conversion to/from the UUID class.
  • Optionally allow using an ArmaRssiFilter for faster distance calculation convergence.

Bug Fixes:

  • Workaround for 500 alarm limit on Samsung devices.
  • Fix NPE in scanning for beacons on Lollipop in the emulator
  • Restart scanning after app is killed due to memory pressure
  • Protect against crashes when falling behind on scans
  • Protect against null pointer exceptions in race conditions
  • Protect against crash when stopping advertising with bluetooth turned off
  • Stop BLE scanning after stopping ranging of the last region
  • Fix for NPE on Galaxy Note 4