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Contre-jour: a toy image gallery application for OPA

Author: Louis Gesbert

This program is distributed under the terms of the AGPL license.

- thumbnails, reduced-size view, full-size view
- reduced images computed on need and cached

- image manipulation done by calling the convert program, because I was too lazy to bind an image library
- using "convert" of course circumvents OPA security checks and may make the application vulnerable
- image manipulations are blocking

- the OPA compiler, version S3.3 or newer
- the convert program, from package ImageMagick

Compilation and usage:
- run make in the project directory
- cd to a directory containing jpeg images in sub-directories; the program will enable you to browse images in these sub-directories.
- run <project-dir>/contrejour.exe
- connect your browser to http://localhost:8080/<sub-directory containing images>
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