PHP SDK for AlternativePayments API
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PHP SDK for Alternative Payments RESTful API



PHP 5.3.3 and later. cURL extension.

Developer Documentation

Official Alternative Payments RESTful API Reference


It's recommended to use composer or you can download the latest release.

composer require alternativepayments/alternativepayments


To load the Alternative Payments PHP SDK you have to include autoloader:

require_once '/path/to/your-project/vendor/autoload.php';

To use Alternative Payments PHP SDK you need to setup your secret integration key:

use AlternativePayments\Config;
Config :: setApiKey("sk_test_rHErfsdjgfk9.....lFbfdsgh3mv0M");

SEPA transaction request example:

require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';

use AlternativePayments\Config;
Config :: setApiKey("sk_test_rHErfsdjgfk9.....lFbfdsgh3mv0M");

$customer = new \AlternativePayments\Model\Customer();
$payment = new \AlternativePayments\Model\Payment();
$payment->setHolder("John Doe");
$transaction = new \AlternativePayments\Model\Transaction();
$transaction->setDescription("test sepa php sdk");
$res = \AlternativePayments\Transaction :: post($transaction);

For more examples check samples folder.


Read License for more licensing information.