Ruby SDK for AlternativePayments API
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Ruby SDK for AlternativePayments API

Documenation for publishing gems with troubleshouting

Make your own gem: Publish your own gems:

Gem published:

Content of application/SDK

  1. ap_ruby_sdk folder contains SDK with source code containing tests. Usage:
    customer = ApRubySdk::Customer.create(
                'firstName' => 'John',
                'lastName' => 'Doe',
                'email' => params[:email],
                'address' => 'Rutledge Ave 409',
                'city' => 'Folsom',
                'zip' => '19033',
                'country' => 'US',
                'state' => 'PA',
                'phone' => '55555555555',
                'created' => '2016-03-24T15:19:10.7800694Z'
More read on:
  1. sample-application folder contains Ruby On Rails sample application that uses SDK for communication with Alternative Payments server. Use it as any standard RoR application. If you have installed Ruby, Ruby On Rails then run bundle install and then rails server and access application on https://localhost:3000 More read on: