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APSplitViewController – a custom SplitViewController

  • it always keeps both sides visible
  • it's always launched in the Portrait but it's rotated to any direction properly
  • each side contains UINavigationController so it's easy to make standard navigation by pushing and poping UIViewControllers
  • several APSplitViewController can be contained in the custom UITabBarController (APTabBarControllerForSplitController)


  • Use it as base when you want APBaseSplitViewController to be contained in UITabBarController
  • It sends rotation events to content-controllers


  • it's used as a container for content–controllers in the APSplitViewController
  • it sends messages on pushing and poping subcontrollers

Split Sample project

  • Simple Split demonstrates how to use the component when you need divide the screen into two equal-funcional parts
  • Master-Detail Split demonstrates more complex situation when you need two parts with Master-Detail relationships. It even has a connection from Detail to Master.

Future releases

Besides APSplitViewController is used in 3 real project it's still in the initial stage.

Please look the issue tracker and feel free to add your own REAL needs. Also try to look to the develop branch to check the most latest updates.


Slava Bushtruk, Alterplay