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RPG Maker MV unofficial Android client
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What is the MV Android Client

The MV Android Client is a runtime client for the Android™ operating system intended to play games created with the RPG Maker MV game development tool-kit.

This client can be used to deploy your game as an Android APK package for distribution.

How to get MV Android Client

The latest (master branch) of the client can be downloaded via this URL:

Tutorial & Usage Support

A tutorial is hosted at at the following URL:

Usage support is provided with this tutorial.

You are free to provide a translation of this tutorial with the condition that you link back to this repository and the original English translation hosted at

Bugs, issues and enhancements

Please create reports for bugs related to the project at GitHub issues Suggestions and other forms of feedback and concerns can either be posted as a GitHub issue or in the tutorial thread.


The MV Android Client is under the Apache License 2.0.


Please read the contributing guide and send pull requests to

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