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Publicly available reference implementation of the Altinn App.

This repository contains the source code for an app to connect to and use data from the Altinn REST API ( The app is made based on the Xamarin framework and contains an example implementation for the iOS platform. The code is presented here to guide efforts in utilizing the Altinn REST API. All code is presented "as is" without any warranty or liability of any kind (BSD 3-clause licence).

To develop for and build the Altinn App you need the following:

  • A mac build machine (at time of writing Mac OS 10.7 (“Lion”) or above, cloud option also possible)
  • Xamarin, "Indie" license and above will work out of the box. Business license was used to develop the reference code. For using the free license you have to reduce the project size and adjust the use of external dependencies according to the description on

For general guides on Xamarin there are extensive guides on and Google search. The initial release only contain an iOS implementation, Android and Windows Phone are not included.


The Altinn project ( is aimed at replacing the paper based communication between the government, citizens and businesses with an electronic internet based system.

Altinn is a web portal and technical platform for delivering electronic forms to the government, but also offers other services such as messages from the government and insight into public registers. The portal was started as cooperation between The Norwegian Tax Department, Statistics Norway and The Brønnøysund Register in 2003

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