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#.Net Cloud Founrdy Service

Dot Net Cloud Foundry Service is a Microsoft .Net based service broker for a Cloud Foundry v2.0. It is allow easily develop new services for Cloud Foundry using Microsoft technology stack and get them up and running

#Microsoft SQL Server Service

Dot Net Cloud Foundry Service broker destributed with one default service implementation that provide possibility to use Microsoft SQL Server withing your Cloud Foundry hosted applications.

Who can benefit from it?

  • Allow use Microsoft SQL Server with Cloud Foundry
  • Provide easy way to support unsupported databases. You should implement only one interface.

How to use it

Before you begin you should install cf Command Line Interface. Installation instructions are available here. Alternatively you can use gcf client, which is a new modern version of cf tool.

  1. Installing Dot Net Cloud Foundry Service Broker
  • You should install BrokerServiceSetup.exe installation package on target machine.
  • Configure your network environment to make service be accessible from the Cloud Foundry.
  • Update application configuration file with proper settings (connection string to Microsoft SQL server, it's public address and etc.) Default configuration file location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Altoros\SqlServiceBroker\BrokerWindowsService.exe.config.
  • Restart service using services console to apply all configuration changes.
  1. Registering Dot Net Cloud Foundry Service Broker within Cloud Foundry
  • Set the target cloud, choose organization and space cf target [your cloud foundry api url]
  • Authenticate with the target cf login. You have to use administrative account with proper access rights here.
  • View existing service-brokers cf service-brokers
  • Register Dot Net Cloud Foundry Service Broker withing Cloud Foundry cf add-service-broker TestDotNetServiceBroker --username s --password p --url [your BrokerWindowsService url]. Registering a broker causes cloud controller to fetch and validate the catalog information from the broker, and save the catalog to cloud controller database.
  • View existing service-brokers cf service-brokers
  1. Making a plan public. Before you will be able to use your service you have to register at least one service plan as a public.
  • Get the service plan guid cf services --marketplace --trace
  • Make service plan public running the following command using the service plan guid cf curl PUT /v2/service_plans/[plan_guid_obtained_on_previous_step] -b '{"public":'true'}'
  • To verify that the the plan was set to public, re-run this command and check the 'public' field cf services --marketplace --trace
  1. Making service up and running
  • Create a new service instance, choose a service type and set service name and plan cf create-service
  • Display information about service instances in the current space cf services
  1. Deploying and running application that uses service
  • Change current directory to directory with app for deploying (manifest file should be available)
  • Deploy a new application cf push
  • Bind a service to an application cf bind-service. Choose deployed application and service during command execution.
  • Restart application cf restart [deployed app]
  • Application ready to use your service
  1. Removing links
  • Remove a service binding from an application cf unbind-service. Choose deployed application and service during command execution.
  • Delete a service cf delete-service. Choose deployed application and service during command execution.


  • Sharded deployment
  • Reshaping cluster


You are welcome to contribute via pull request.