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Q: I want to get involved. Where should I start?
A: Read the docs. They're not complete (feel free to contribute), but
they help. Suggested reading order:
3. doc/architectural-overview.txt
4. doc/how-to-write-tests.txt
5. doc/glossary.txt
6. the other docs in doc/
Many of the docs in the doc/ directory become progressively more clear
as you begin actually working in the code. Keep re-reading them
periodically to gain more benefit.
Q: How do I find out what's going on currently? How does the juju-core
team communicate regularly?
A: IRC. Mailing Lists. Code Reviews.
1. IRC: most day-to-day discussion happens in #juju-dev on freenode.
2. Mailing Lists: [juju-dev](
3. Code Reviews. These are likely to change very soon, but
historically these have happened in, and
they're initiated using the lbox tool referred to in the CONTRIBUTING
Q: How do I run only specific test suites using gocheck?
A: The quick answer is that the -gocheck parameters must be *last* on the
command line, for example:
go test -v ./state -gocheck.v -gocheck.f="StateSuite|CleanupSuite"
Also, if you want to use -gocheck.v or -gocheck.vv, you must also provide
the -v option to go test, otherwise the -gocheck.v* options are silently
Additionally, you can only specify -gocheck.f filters on one package at
a time. If you use the go test ellipsis (./...) it will ignore your
filter strings.