HP ALM Logging Connector for AludraTest
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This module allows to write test execution results to HP ALM. A link to the HP ALM tests and configurations is established via IDs, which are derived from annotations and / or test names. See below for customization of this mechanism.


To use the Connector in your AludraTest run, configure it as additional dependency to the maven-surefire-plugin, just as you did with the aludratest-surefire-provider:

		<!-- inject aludratest provider -->
		<!-- inject HP ALM connector -->


Configure the HP ALM connector by adding a hpalm.properties to your configuration directory. This could e.g. be src/main/resources/config, if you do not want to use extra configuration for different environments (see AludraTest Configuration for details). A typical hpalm.properties should look like this:

testSetName=Nightly UI Tests

Command-line overrides

It will be a common task to set the test set name per test execution. For this purpose, you can also specify the test set name e.g. via Maven command line:

mvn test -DALUDRATEST_CONFIG/hpalm/testSetName=Tests\ 2015-04-01

(obviously, you would script this to use the current date).

Disabling of HP ALM Connector

To disable the HP ALM connector for a test execution, set the enabled configuration flag to false, e.g. via command line:

mvn test -DALUDRATEST_CONFIG/hpalm/enabled=false

Customization of ID lookup

The aludratest-hpalm-connector ships with a default Resolver of HP ALM IDs. This resolver works as follows:

  • If the test class is annotated with the @HpAlmTestId annotation, its value is used as HP ALM Test ID.
  • Otherwise, the name of the test group (above the "configuration" level) is checked for a pattern like ID_1234, and the number is used as the Test ID.
  • For the Test Configuration ID, the test case name itself (with is constructed from the configuration name in AludraTest test data) is searched for a pattern like CID_3456, and the number is used as the Test Configuration ID.
  • If no Test ID could be determined, the test execution result is not written to HP ALM.

To register a custom Resolver, create a class implementing the TestCaseIdResolver interface, and register it via your aludraservice.properties: