Zyre - an open-source framework for proximity-based peer-to-peer applications
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Zyre - an open-source framework for proximity-based peer-to-peer applications

Zyre lets you build exciting apps that work across groups of PCs and mobile devices. Zyre works across all operating systems and languages. It uses standard WiFi to connect devices to each other in real-time. Zyre gives you simple group messaging, file transfer, and real-time events.

Use Cases

  • We go on a road-trip, so I load up some tablets with movies for the kids to watch.

  • My kids are in the back seat during the road-trip, and they're playing a game together, each on their tablets.

  • The car, a rental, streams music from my phone. The kids join in with their favorite tracks.

  • As I take pictures with my camera, I can review, delete, edit them immediately on my tablet.

  • I tap my phone to a reader in the hotel room, and we get Internet access on all our devices.

  • In the hotel bar, my wife and I can monitor the kids sleeping, with a secure video stream from the hotel room.

  • After the trip I share the photos with my cousin, sending them from my phone to his tablet.

  • In the office, on Monday, I make an interactive presentation where everyone in the room can participate.

  • That evening at the game, we follow the shared photo feed and vote on the game pictures we like best.

  • My photos are automatically copied to my laptop, and via the hard cable connection to my cloud storage.


Zyre will run on everything that speaks TCP/IP and has space for code. This means smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers, TVs, toasters, ebooks, smart lightbulbs, cameras, and dongles and devices of every denomination.

Project Organization

Zyre is a protocol (ZRE) plus a set of implementations. We've structured the project as a collection of interoperable implementations in different languages, starting with C and Java. All protocols are on the 0MQ protocol site.

Who owns Zyre?

Zyre is owned by all its authors and contributors. This is an open source project licensed under the LGPLv3. To contribute to Zyre please read the C4 process that we use.