Wire in nginx's proxy cache directives.
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Wire in nginx's proxy cache directives.


dokku plugin:install https://github.com/Aluxian/dokku-nginx-cache.git nginx-cache

Quick start

Enable nginx request caching

$ dokku nginx:cache:enable myapp

Disable nginx request caching

$ dokku nginx:cache:disable myapp


Currently there are no configuration options. However, Nginx does obey a number of caching- and X-Accel-*-related headers.

Snippet from nginx docs:

  • X-Accel-Expires, Expires, Cache-Control, Set-Cookie, and Vary set the parameters of response caching;
  • X-Accel-Redirect performs an internal redirect to the specified URI;
  • X-Accel-Limit-Rate sets the rate limit for transmission of a response to a client;
  • X-Accel-Buffering enables or disables buffering of a response;
  • X-Accel-Charset sets the desired charset of a response.