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Versión 4 de la impresora P3Steel
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Version 4.0 (By Alvaro Rey and Daniel Torres) From P3steel by irobri with the listed changes:

  • The extruder no longer hits the Z axis top bracket
  • Y axis belt tensioner ( that may be placed printed or metallic )
  • Weight reduction cutting as much material as possible
  • Holes to bolt the PSU to the frame
  • Electronics as high as possible so that the LCD cables are well hidden
  • Holes in the top bracket of the Z axis to position bearing
  • Holes in the top bracket of the Z axis to place spool holder
  • Axis movable to lose the least footprint as posible
  • Y axis uses 2020 profile, less pieces, more easy to install, less wieght, less price
  • Y axis bed it's suitable to install 20x20 heated beds or 20x30 heated beds
  • The hole for the motor connector has been enlarged, allowing installation of engines below 70 OZ
  • Bed with option for 3 or 4 bearings
  • Bed with choice of 4 or 3 leveling points
  • Holes for Zip ties added to the main frame
  • The Y-Axis rods have been changed, now uses 10mm rods and LM10UU lineal Bearings. We recomended to use aluminum beds for Y axis.
  • We test aluminum frame too in 3mm. It works just the same
  • 20x30 Frame - the Y-axis 10mm smooth rods should now be 510mm long
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