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xauthbot for Telegram

Use my bot to connect your webapp or software to Telegram and let users log in with their Telegram accounts.

How to use it


  • URL:
  • For a successful request you need the following POST or GET (you can even combine them) parameters:
    • appid - you get it after the registration of your app together with the secret
    • id - the user id, you get when the user returns after connecting
    • action - what you want to do with the API (see below)
    • hash - the sha256 hash of the following data without separation between: secret (from app registration), appid, id, action[, mesg] - a string to hash could look like this: 6O4BZl1yj9btgqyjRFBH43username
    • [msg - only needed if you want to send a message]


  • username - to get the user's username on Telegram (keep in mind that not everyone has one - this could return an empty string)
  • first_name - to get the user's first name on Telegram
  • last_name - to get the user's username on Telegram (keep in mind that not everyone has one - this could return an empty string)
  • all - to get username, first_name and last_name
  • logout - to log a user out
  • message - Send a message to a user - you need to send the message in the msg parameter - make sure to include msg in the hash


  • The API will return data json encoded
  • A response will always have a statuscode and status
  • Statuscodes used at the moment are
    • 200 - Success
    • 400 - Syntax Error (this could be a wrong hash, missing parameters or non-existing users)
    • 402 - Not logged out (Error logging out, most likely the user is already logged out)
    • 403 - Syntax Error, no message provided (You didn't send a message with the message parameter)
    • 405 - User rejects messages (The user disabled messaging for your site)
  • In case of 200, the requested data will be in the corresponding field (ie the username in the username field)

How it works

  • When visiting the connect page, the user will get an entry with an authentication code
  • If they click on the link to the bot, the authentication code will be sent to the bot via deep linking - the user never sees it


  • you tell me