A rectangle-class to be used with mootools.
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MooTools Rectangle

MooTools rectangle adds functionallity to calculate rectangles and intersection between fictionate or existing elements on the page.

How to Use

Rectangle is essentially very easy to use, to create a new Rectangle use the new construct.

new Rectangle(/*left*/10, /*top*/10, /*width*/10, /*height*/10);

To get an empty rectangle use the Rectangle.Empty-propety. Also, if you try to create a empty rectangle, it will return the empty rectangle, therefore the following is true:

new Rectangle(/*left*/10, /*top*/10, /*width*/0, /*height*/0) === Rectangle.Empty;

Another way to check this is to use the isEmpty() function on the rectangle-object.

To get a rectangle bouding a dom-element you can do this:

var rect = $(dom_elm).getRectangle();


Rectangle supports 8 getters:

  • int getLeft(): Get's the left-most point of the rectangle
  • int getRight(): Get's the right-most point of the rectangle
  • int getTop(): Get's the top-most point of the rectangle
  • int getBottom(): Get's the bottom-most point of the rectangle
  • int getHeight(): Get's the height of the rectangle
  • int getWidth(): Get's the width of the rectangle
  • int getSize(): Get's the size of the rectangle
  • bool isEmpty(): Get's a value spesifying wheater or not the rectangle is empty.

Also, to calculate intersection between 2 rectangles use the Rectangle getIntersection(Rectangle rect)-function.

var rectDiv1 = $('div1').getRectangle();
var rectDiv2 = $('div2').getRectangle();
if(rectDiv1.getIntersection(rectDiv2).getSize() > 10) {
    alert('more than 10 px overlap!');