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Anonymous URL shortener
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Anonish URL shortener

Anonish is a private URL shortener, with absolutely no logging. Check it out at


  • Create a shortened URL with a custom shortening "key"
  • Instant redirect via status-codes, no JS redirecting
  • Doesn't save any logs for user interaction
  • Rate limiting, default max creations per IP per hour is 10 (All information is saved in volatile memory, nothing written to disk)
  • Anonymous analytics (timestamp only) for keeping track of usage on a day by day basis


Anonish uses a couple open source repositories to work properly:

  • mux - A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Go web servers
  • autocert - Automated letsencrypt SSL Certs
  • skv - Super easy to use key-value store


Installation is simple, first install golang version 1.13+

git clone
cd Anonish-URL-shortener
nano main.go

Edit the line that contains

	baseURL    = ""
	htmlTitle  = " URL Shortener"
	htmlHeader = ""

and change their respective values, save the file

go get
go run main.go

While running it this way, it will only run while your current termial session is active, I recommend building the binary and creating a service for it, or running in in a tmux/screen session. You can build it wilth

go build




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